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Linz Sambs HiFi - Stereo Magazin workshop with Matthias Böde - hot analog topicMatthias Böde with the 3 turntables used in his workshopPass XP-25 two-piece phono preamplifierMatthias Böde with workshop guestThree record players, 5 tonearms, 8 different pickups prepared and adjusted in LinzPeter Sambs helping the whole day in the succesive workshopsfirst round: comparison of 4 different cartridgesMatthias Boede with the 4 selected pickups in different price rangesMatthias Böde preparing pickups for a photoshoot - will be published soon in STEREO MagazinMatthias Böde from German STEREO Magazin with enthusiastic guest in LinzBenz Micro LP Sround two: 3 tonearm cables of different qualityOrtofon 2M Bronze MM pickuptonearmcables compared at Stereo Workshop in LinzMatthias Böde from STEREO Magazin posing with me in LinzRound three: Two different tonearmsBenz Micro Ace S MC pickup - several used in Linz for fair comparisonReed 3P 12" tonearm - the beauty from LithuniaMatthias Böde with a lot of patience for all the visitors' questionsDr. Feickert Analogue Blackbird