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Westdeutsche Hifi Tage 2017 in Bonn, GermanyThe showroom 2017 - the stars: Tune Audio Marvel hornspeakersHIFI LINZBACH teamComplete setup listedTune Audio Marvel loudspeakers in detailGroup photo with Frank Hakopians (left) who wrote fantastic review of Tune Audio Marvel speakersThe source!Record washing station - has to be done live at every fair for best sound!Complete CHISTO audio cosmetics portfolio on displayElectronics view, working placeThe power trick!EINSTEIN The Amp UltimateEINSTEIN The PhonostageWhat do you need for an impressive performance? Records, Music!Myself, good mood, great German show!Hannl & Nessie record washing machines united!Technics showing a prototype again - good times are coming?Huge KR Audio tubes powering Odeon hornspeakersAustrian combo: Crayon Audio electronics, Trenner & Friedl bookshelf speakersICHOS Audio speakers - again made in Austria