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Vinyl & Music Festival first time in LinzI assisted Sambs Hifi selling several brands of mineLinz Tabakfabrik, former tobacco factory - now a big center for events & exhibitions near Linz downtonPeter Sambs, owner of Sambs Hifi shop in LinzBig Sambs Hifi booth at the entry of the event / exhibition areaAn analogue setup on displayOkay, myself nowRecord cleaning - complete Chisto Easy Groove portfolio usedNessie Vinylmaster & Vinylcleaner record washing machinesFabian Presslaber, Austrian KEF representativeKEF speakersAustrian brand ProJect Audio on display - global number one regarding record playersAyon tube amp, Supra cables at Sambs Hifi standBlumenhofer Acoustics Genuin FS3 MK2obviously a good-humored Peter Sambs in LinzSambs Hifi, two shops direct in Linz downtownFabian Presslaber, Austrian KEF representativeGrado headphonesWienyl - one of my favourite record sellers in ViennaBamboo Hifi - means Tri-Art Audio from Canada