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Vienna Vinyl & Music Fair 2016 - left my special VIP guest from UKVienna Vinyl & Music Fair 2016Vienna Vinyl & Music Fair 2016The Walter Kircher Hifi showroom next to the main entranceWalter Kircher Hifi showroom setupThe Walter Kircher Hifi showroom next to the main entranceConrad Mas (ceo of AVID HIFI) and Yuri Zamazeev (ceo of Chisto)two Blumenhofer Acoustics Tempesta speakers, Chisto fluids, Accustic Arts CDs, Trafomatic Audio Premise ampBlumenhofer Acoustics Gnuin FS2 hornspeakers detail viewAVID HIFI "Good, better, best" workshopConrad Mas from UK doing its jobAVID HIFI Pulsare II phono preamplifierConrad Mas, AVID HIFI - he likes it roundour "smallest" turntable - AVID HIFI Diva SPnext step up - the AVID HIFI Sequel SP turntableConrad Mas (AVID HIFI) with my new AVID dealer in ViennaThe analogue star: AVID HIFI Acustus record playerAnd we tried a better phono cable at the AcutusBritish Q Acoustics Concept speakers - outstanding value for the small pricegroup photo - made by Yuri Zamazeev