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Accustic Arts reference electronics with KEF Blade speakers - setup from weekend beforeand now my setup for my High-End weekend in Linz: Totem Element Metal loudspeakers with Accustic Arts reference electronicsfor the gourmet: Accustic Arts Uncompressed World compact disc seriesfrom left: Accustic Arts AMP II, Accustic Arts MONO II and Totem Element Metal speakersAccustic Arts DRIVE II detailTotem Element Metal loudspeaker detailAccustic Arts DRIVE II detailTotem Forest Signature loudspeaker detail2nd setup with Totem forest Signature speakers highlightedAccustic Arts Evolution electronics series powers the Forest speakersTotem Element Ember speakers with McIntoshbooksheld speaker gallery at Sambs Hifi in LinzPeter Sambs with his new installed television set - It can be hidden behind the pictureTotem Wind loudspeakers - the big floorstanderswindow view in Sambs Hifi shop in LinzTransrotor turntable detailTransrotor turntable detail