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Sambs Hifi April 2017 - upper echelon event!May I introduce the setup in detail first?Sambs Hifi April 2017 - upper echelon event!Yeah - Peter Sambs satisfied listening to his private recordsNew show & event location of Sambs HiFi in Linz, Austriadifferent perspective viewsdifferent perspective viewsDr. Feickert Analogue Firebird record playerGLANZ MH-124S tonearmDr. Feickert Analogue Firebird record playerSymposium Acoustics Rollerblocks Serie 2+ with G2.5 superballs bearing devicesDetail view at pickupGLANZ MH-124S tonearmGLANZ MH-124S tonearmDr. Feickert Analogue CleanDr. Feickert Analogue Clean & EINSTEIN The PhonostageEINSTEIN The PhonostageEINSTEIN The Amp UltimateEINSTEIN The Amp UltimateEINSTEIN The Amp Ultimate