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2015.05.22.-24. Pakrac, Croatia - Multipak exhibitionHotel Pakrac, CroatiaMy showroom in Hotel PakracAccustic Arts STREAMER ESTo make the room more beautiful, I could use pictures of a regional artist.Perfect placement of my business cards!My favourite painting - my colorsNobody overlook my business cards!CHISTO cleaning fluids parade in Pakrac, CroatiaBlumenhofer Acoustics Genuin FS2 horn speakersAccustic Arts Uncompressed World CDs at Croatian fairselfie: my new fanclub - Thank you boys!new Accustic Arts PLAYER II reference CD playerMarijan Altus, professional cameraman filming all exhibitorsdetail viewtwo wellknown listeners in my roomcomplete Pakrac setup againGoran Matejak - welknown photographer at Croatians showsBlumenhofer Acoustics Genuin FS2 horn speakersselfie!