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Classical Pianist Ulrike Fendel was the star guest at our first event. Left Mr. Richard Winter, CEO of Gramola record labelRichard Winter (CEO of Gramola record label) with compact disc of Pianist Ulrike Fendel in front of SoulSonic Impulse SE speakersViennese  composer Meinhard Rüdenauer talking to the groupGerman Pianist Ulrike Fendel, now living and teaching in ViennaInteresting insider discussion about classical music, the marketing, the dominance of certain market giants, what does this mean for classical music.Richard Winter (Gramola) and Pianist Ulrike Fendel. Of course we listened to some tracks of her CD. The sound was engaging and especially the Fazioli grand piano showed as always a wonderful timbre.Ulrike Fendel and Richard Winter presenting the CD "Piano Preludes of 20th and 21th century"Who is here in the mid - our star of our next event in room - Blues musician Hans Theessink with fansMr. Analogue Michael Holzinger in his elementHans Theessink listening Michael Holzinger in our show room at Klangbilder 2014.Finally Michael Holzinger snapped the highlight of the Hans Theessink event in our full show room.Analogue guy Michael Holzinger with new audiophile remastered Hans Theessink record "Baby wants to Boogie"This photo may tell all about the good mood in our room. Thank you Michael for this mega event in our hotel suite.DJ Michael Holzinger working: new released audiophile remastered edition of "Baby wants to Boogie" - analogue record of course!Enthusiastic Michael Holzinger compared the new audiophile remastered edition LP with the originally version. No surprise - new one rules.Original version of Hans Theessinks "Baby wants to Boogie" playing on the Dr. Feickert Analogue Blackbird turntable, assisted by Reed 3P tonearm and sweet Lyra Kleos cartridge.Hans Theessink enjoying our big Accustic Arts / SoulSonic setup?Hans Theessink with Yuri Zamazeev (CEO of Chisto)Hans Theesink with Miro Krajnc (owner of SoulSonic D.O.O.)Hans Theessink with Michael Holzinger (owner of Sempre Audio magazine)