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HIGH END 2017 in Munich - 3rd photo albumMunich 2017 - big speakers -  focused on girls!Now we focus on several top brands, wich are represented by Walter Kircher HIFI in AustriaVolker Bohlmeier, mastermind & owner of EINSTEIN AudioEINSTEIN Audio catched a fantastic place at the fair!Complete setup listed here nowTechDas Airforce Two turntable, equipped with EINSTEIN The Tonearm & The PickupUp to next EINSTEIN showroom next doorVery sweet smaller setup hereEINSTEIN The Tune intgrated amplifierThe EINSTEIN entry area was like a spa at the fairNext stop: Blumenhofer Acoustics shared Munich 2017 showroom with MastersoundThomas Blumenhofer & Yuri ZamazeevLorenzo Sanavio, Mastersound Italypremiere - New Blumenhofer Acoustics Gran Gioia MK2 speakersFone Audio's Cesare Ricci made daily demos in Blumenhofer Acoustics showroomVery analogue Blumenhofer Acoustics setup 2017Ceasre and Andrea in Munich 2017 Blumenhofer Acoustics showroomItalian-German mix 2017Complete Mastersound team & Andrea Vitali, Blumenhofer Acoustics