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Prague, capital of Czech Republic - 2016 again at the great Audio Video Show PrahaAgain in strikingly located hotel Don GiovanniEspecially for my Czech speaking visitors 2016 - my interpreter and assistant Natalia made a perfect job!Prague 2016 setup - complete listDaniel Brezina, one of two organizers of the great show in my roomThe source!Dr. Feickert Analogue Blackbird record player with 2 motors, equipped with 2 tonearmsThe Lyra Kleos cartridge did again a fantastic job, mounted on the Reed 3P 12" tonearmPrague 2016 setup - complete listTrafomatic Audio EOS integrated tube amplifierTraforati Audio electronics - made in Serbia - EuropeanTrafomatic Audio Premise tube amplifierTraforati Audio still lifeTrafomatic Audio Premise tube amplifierPrague 2016 setup - complete listEvery time important: the clean and powerful power!The great Accustic Arts records on display at Audio video Show PrahaMy digital reference source for Prague - top Accustic Arts frontendBlumenhofer Acoustics Tempesta 17 horn speakers presented by my fair assistant NataliaBlumenhofer Acoustics Genuin FS2 horn speakers again in Prague at fair